• Keven Joyal-Desmarais, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Richie Lenne, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Lisa Auster-Gussman, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Chloe Huelsnitz, Univ. of Minnesota
  • William Johnson,
  • Mary Panos,
  • Rachael Jones,
  • Jeffry Simpson, Univ. of Minnesota
  • Alexander Rothman, Univ. of Minnesota
We extend the Theory of Planned Behavior to a dyadic context and, using a national sample of 1646 parent-teen dyads, show how the beliefs/intentions that teens and parents hold towards physical activity and fruit/vegetable consumption not only influence their own behaviors, but also each other’s behaviors. We elaborate on the importance of relational theories in social influence and health research.