Pop-Up Programming

Have you ever found yourself in one of these situations?

-Talking with a friend in the hallway or over lunch and the conversation turns so fascinating that you want to invite others to be a part of it?

-Wandering through the poster hall when a new research idea hits you and you want to run around finding people to talk with about it?

-Becoming so inspired by a symposium topic that you want to continue the conversation with others?

-Realizing that you are surrounded by thousands of professionals in your field and want to take advantage of the wealth of perspectives and experiences in order to expand your own?

If so, Pop-Up Programming is for you.

While the SPSP convention program is chalked full of amazing topics, speakers, and sessions, an occasional informal conversation on a topic with new and old friends may be just what you’re looking for. SPSP is making space in this year’s convention for those sessions, too.

Designated rooms have been set up for attendees to reserve for small group discussions. So when you have an idea or topic, come to the Registration Desk onsite to reserve a space. We will advertise your Pop-Up Program session in the mobile app, on rotating screens, and on social media. You just need to show up and facilitate.


To reserve a space for a Pop-Up Programming session:

1.  Pick a topic or area of discussion

2.  Find some peers who would be interested in attending

3.  Designate a facilitator

4.  Visit the Registration Desk in the (HR) LL2 Lobby to book a room and time (subject to availability)

5.  We will advertise your session in the mobile app, on rotating screens, and on social media

6.  Show up and take part in this dynamic, attendee-driven session!