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Noorfaadhilah Abdul Halil Khan

National Univ. of Singapore

[L-039] Value-Expressive Attitudes Predict Concerns for Processing Cognitive Information

Natsuki Abe

Hiroshima Univ.

[K-022] The Relationship between Over-Adaptation and Alexithymia : What Causes Over-Adaptation by Alexithymia?

Adina Abeles

Stanford University

79a. How Political Partisanship Shapes Perceptions of Public Opinion on Global Warming

Andrew Abeyta

Rutgers University-Camden

[A-042] Nostalgia Regulates Loneliness: Evidence that Feeling Nostalgic Mitigates the Relation Between Loneliness and a Maladaptive Motivational Orientation

Mabel Abraham

Columbia University

57a. The Demand- and Supply-Side Effects of Women in Leadership

Samantha Abrams

Skidmore College

Undergraduate Researcher

Keywords>Attitudes/Persuasion, Keywords>Culture, Keywords>Diversity, Keywords>Gender, Keywords>Intergroup Relations, Keywords>Judgment/Decision-Making, Keywords>Methods/Statistics, Keywords>Morality, Keywords>Norms And Social Influence, Keywords>Person Perception/Impression Formation, Keywords>Politics, Keywords>Religion/Spirituality, Keywords>Self-Esteem, Keywords>Self/Identity, Keywords>Social Justice, Keywords>Stereotyping/Prejudice, Tags>First Time Attendee, Tags>Undergraduate Student [D-122] Morality Essentialization and Behavior Toward Immoral Others

Natalia Abril

Univ. of Utah

Research Assistant

[A-110] Portrayal of Historical Events and Perceived Discrimination toward Racially Ambiguous Individuals

Robert Ackerman

Univ. of Texas at Dallas

[WORKSHOP] An Introduction to Longitudinal Dyadic Analyses (Pre-Application Required)

Jesse Acosta

Univ. of Nevada, Reno

[K-055] Imagined Contact and Perceived Group Homogeneity: An Experimental Assessment

Nina Acosta

California State Univ., San Bernardino

[L-038] Pride and Prejudice: The Effects of the Proud to Be PSA on Attitudes toward the Redskins Logo

Jaïs Adam-Troïan

Aix-Marseille Univ.

[H-040] Expectancy-Violation Decreases Adherence to Conspiracist Beliefs: A Meaning Maintenance Perspective

Katherine Adams

Purdue Univ.

[M-141] Exploring the Relationship between Self-Compassion and Gratitude
Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 9.24.22 AM

Audrey Aday

University of British Columbia

Graduate Student

Keywords>Applied Social Psychology, Keywords>Culture, Keywords>Diversity, Keywords>Field Research/Interventions, Keywords>Gender, Keywords>Groups/Intergroup Processes, Keywords>Intergroup Relations, Keywords>Organizational Behavior, Keywords>Self/Identity, Keywords>Social Justice, Keywords>Stereotyping/Prejudice, Tags>Graduate Student, Tags>Open Science Advocate [C-032] When Bias Education Backfires: Antecedents and Outcomes of Social Identity Threat after Learning about Implicit Gender Bias in STEM

Megan Adelson

Univ. of Texas at Dallas

[M-045] Ambivalence Over Emotional Expression Predicts Support Seeking Behavior and Relational Outcomes of Support in Married Couples

Darren Agboh

The Graduate Center, CUNY

61. Crisis or Opportunity? Student Perspectives on Evolving Methodological Standards

Rafael Aguilera

Univ. of Minnesota

[H-162] Development of the Perceptions of Racial Microaggressions Measure

Erick Aguinaldo

California State University, Fullerton

*First Time Attendee, *Undergraduate Student, Field Research/Interventions, Gender, Keywords>Field Research/Interventions, Keywords>Gender, Keywords>Norms And Social Influence, Keywords>Self-Esteem, Keywords>Self/Identity, Keywords>Stereotyping/Prejudice, Norms And Social Influence, Self-Esteem, Self/Identity, Stereotyping/Prejudice, Tags>First Time Attendee, Tags>Undergraduate Student [M-067] Did You Hear What They Were Talking About: The Effects of Objectifying Language on Academic Performance and Body Perception

Richard Ahl

Yale Univ.

[E-094] Shared Likes Make People Feel More Similar than Shared Dislikes

Minwoo Ahn

Univ. of Southern California

[E-090] A Self-Knowledge Theory of Social Inference

Ting Ai

Univ. of Kansas

[H-031] Love Songs as Stress Buffers: Experimental Investigation